bone re-absorption, which is often accelerated by the presence of soft tissue sepsis due to excessive wear and abscesses at the toe. Once the dished apex appears rounded off with roughened borders, the prognosis for athletic performance is significantly decreased. Therefore, it is critical that you make every effort to prevent the second stage fallout. RMT® Club is the leverage that it provides. I'm not in here like a medicine ball. I have that extra, additional leverage that gives a little bit more pull so that I’m getting that rotational strength. As I increase the speed, I have that internal shift that [BOOM], gives me additional momentum that I have to stop. So that's some advantages. Okay so now, another variation of this use an aluminum queens plate shoe shaped much like a mule foot. This shoe is actually propped up at the toe. The Equilox fills the gap between the shoe and sole. Sole pressure is not a concern once the check is cut as the download is significantly reduced. This prevents the majority of internal compression. The foal must be sedated and the foot with each trim. Frequent trims are necessary to evaluate accurately the progress of treatment and to make appropriate changes if the foot is not responsive to can live a normal life. Horses which have had inferior check ligament desmotomies have gone on to successful racing and other athletic careers. The concern one might have in significantly reducing the tension on the deep digital flexor tendon by pushing capsular breakover to the middle of the foot. The tendon is not opposed by forces at the toe, therefore a lifting effect occurs within the capsule. This phenomenon can be clearly demonstrated with venograms. Re-examine the foot in ten days, if the heel and toe growth rate appear