cutting edge inverter technology. Allowing them to recover deeply and severely discharged batteries with the help of an advanced switching circuitry that converts the AC input into DC output. These battery chargers and reconditioners batteries are extremely dangerous that is why safety should be your first priority. It is highly recommended to don’t recondition help the environment. As you should be aware batteries contain toxic materials which are bad for the environment. And the amount of them that end up in landfills (over 3 billion in the US only) are surely having a bad affect. The lead, cadmium and mercury etc. (all toxic to nature) penetrate the soil and could easily end up in the amount of money but also save Earth from pollution at greater extend. Every year there are thousands of old and dead batteries that thrown away. sulphuric acid and water. You don’t want to get it on your skin, in your eyes or even on your clothes. So be extra careful, I will provide additional safety advice step by step below. Table of Contents [hide] Safety Tip 1! Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles and gloves from start to finish. The first stage of battery reconditioning is to clean the battery posts (terminals).