never had an issue with carrying it on. And I'm always grateful for the extra space — whether I need it to stow my artisan market spoils or I just want to be a sloppy return packer because vacation is over. (Yes, sometimes even travel editors just toss everything in and hope it will zip.)" — Richelle Szypulski, Senior Associate on a terrifyingly low battery percentage? Genius) and minimalist silhouettes that won’t cramp your travel style. Related: The Best Carry-on Luggage, According to Travel Editors So it’s no wonder that a number of us editors of a full travel outfit rather than just a vessel to shove your stuff into. Carry-on vs. checked luggage Away suitcases come in four sizes, including a Medium ($275; and a Large ($295; version for checked baggage. With capacities of 68.8 liters (about I didn't think was an issue until my suitcase rolled down a subway car and nearly collided with a break dancer mid headspin. Finally, I got the color "sand," a light beige that looks lovely but seems to scuff a lot. Then again, I did once drop my bag down four flights of stairs, so that might have had something to do with it. Overall, this is a suitcase guide for the best in style, tech, health and travel. When you make a purchase, CNN receives revenue. CNN news staff is of its carry-on options. A phone-charging suitcase might seem like overkill, but it's actually really useful; there's no need to duke it out for outlets or sit on a sticky airport carpet to recharge while waiting for a flight. The battery will charge an iPhone about five times, but you can use it on any device that charges via USB. The suitcase itself takes about eight hours Editor "I just got this bag and took it on its first trip recently — a nine-day trip to the south of France. I'm admittedly a light packer, but I was able to fit everything I needed into its smallest-sized bag with room to bring a few goodies home! in the closet for much of the year. So is Away worth the hype? In short, definitely. I caved to by folks who understand what travelers need and put it into a package that looks really, really good. The customer service is also impeccable: All Away suitcases come with both a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial period, during which you can return your luggage with no questions shuttle flights. I most appreciate how lightweight and easy it is to lift into the overhead compartment. The interior compression system keeps my items organized and secure, and the ejectable luggage I've ever used. I often fly with a lot of delicate film equipment — cameras, lenses, drones, and the like. The Large in aluminum keeps everything safe, and there's enough room for both my equipment and Bruning, Senior Editor To buy:, $325 "This may be the single best piece of Associate Photo Editor To buy:, $225 "When I pack for weekend road comes with a nylon laundry bag that tucks away into a hidden zippered compartment — a great idea, but I once sent the laundry bag itself through the wash and it frayed heavily around the zipper. The suitcase's wheels also don't lock in place, it's proven just fine for my needs. I can fit about three to five days' worth of clothing plus shoes, toiletries and accessories. Smart luggage Of course, one of Away's major selling points is the battery that comes built into and suitcases, Away is the brand you need to know. Loved by the masses, this cult-favorite brand is known for their thoughtfully designed travel bags and accessories (I mean, a carry-on with an ejectable battery charger so you don’t have to travel with your at Travel + Leisure own Away luggage ourselves. We went around compartments for undergarments, socks, and toiletries; a packing checklist is printed on the interior of the bag so you'll never forget clothes. It rolls smoothly, it can take a beating, and you'll definitely recognize it coming down the baggage carousel. The aluminum body does scratch and dent, but it's a cool aesthetic if you're into it. I've taken it to the Arctic, the desert, and everywhere in between. I'm typically traveling light, a day pack to use as a portable charger.) My experience ($195; The Daypack ($145; and Everywhere Bag ($195; round out the offerings and slide securely over Away's luggage handles, so you can complete your travel uniform. If you decide to buy a set of Away suitcases, they'll stack like Russian nesting dolls for easy closet or under-bed storage. But with luggage this chic, you're if I can carry my film equipment and my clothing in the same case, I'm a happy camper. The Large in aluminum is the only single piece of luggage I've used that tendency to just throw things in a bag and go, this is exactly the kind of hand-holding I need." — Nina Ruggiero, Senior Digital Editor To buy:, $195 "I've taken this bag in very short order (I bought it in January) to the Cayman Islands, the Loire Valley, Sonoma, Napa Valley, and Pebble Beach. It's been lost by the airlines once trademark of millennial jet-setters. Founded in 2015 by two former Warby Parker execs, Away has managed to make a rather ho-hum item an your clothes organized ($45 for a set of 4;, a dopp of short-haul travel on small or budget airlines, though, you may end up having to gate-check the Bigger Carry-On. I went with the original size for peace of mind/in an attempt to Marie Kondo my packing habits, through the airport!) The Away Everywhere Bag has been a game-changer. It easily fits all my in-flight essentials — my MacBook, an iPad Pro, my Herschel dopp kit, snacks, a glass water bottle, and a pashmina — and keeps everything organized. The black leather looks super sleek, and it's held up well so far, despite being shoved under coach seats and into snug overhead compartments." — out like he's navigating a very small and slow-moving car. It also seems that no matter how much I pack, I can always carry my bag pretty easily, which I attribute to how lightweight the suitcase itself is. I also love its side the previous page. When it comes to travel sizers airlines actually use, which, according to Away, are in fact larger than the stated dimensions required of carry-on items. (Sneaky!) Having noticed this loophole, Away beefed up the size of its Bigger Carry-On for those who want to squeeze in a few extra outfits. Most of the time, The stars of Away's lineup, though, are its original Carry-On ($225; and Bigger Carry-On ($245;, both of which also offer versions (for an additional $50) with an attached front pocket for easier access (the last of which feels sort of hidden), and has additional pockets for your laptop and passport, ideal for speeding through security. There’s even a hook for your keys, and as a frequent traveler with iPad in one of the roomy side pockets in the interior, and I've found the wipeable shoe compartment on the bottom comes particularly handy for dealing with dusty shoes and hiking boots. It fits a good amount of clothing, but if I use packing cubes, I can squeeze even more in without making the bag the brim without worrying about damage from less than reverent baggage handlers. And the wheels! All four rotate a full 360 degrees without snagging. Mine have glided effortlessly through New York City's cracked and tourist-filled streets, offering such a smooth ride that I can strap my dog's carry case on top and he'll stick his Since launching its suitcases, Away has added lots of useful products to its inventory. These include packing cubes to is essential at the airport when power outlets are few and far between. It’s the perfect carry-on!" — Mary fully charge, which is why the company recommends plugging it in the night before a trip. While you can buy the suitcase without the battery to keep things as light and spacious as possible, the difference in internal size and overall weight is pretty negligible. The included battery, meanwhile, is TSA-compliant and easily removable. (So easily removable, in fact, that I sometimes pop it out and slide it a laptop, documents, or other small items. Away's original Carry-On, which weighs 7.6 pounds and has a capacity of about 40 liters, adheres to nearly all airlines' specifications for carry-on baggage. The Bigger Carry-On is built to fit the brand's online cachet two years ago and have never looked back. This is a sleek piece of luggage that fits a surprising amount of stuff while remaining lightweight, thoughtfully designed and durable. What makes Away so popular? High-quality luggage can run upward of $600, but Away keeps its costs down by selling direct to the consumer. Lifetime warranties mean these handle, which lets you flip the bag 90 degrees to more easily maneuver it up stairs. Are there any downsides to an Away suitcase? While I love my suitcase, it's not entirely perfect. The to return it for any reason, no questions asked. Love it? Perfect—it’s guaranteed for life. We’ll always fix or replace your bag if there’s a problem. We’ll send you updates on our latest launches and more. Need to take off? Unsubscribe at any time. We’ll send you updates on our latest launches and more—so you can keep up with all things "This happy-hued spinner has accompanied me on trips to Charleston, Costa Rica, Mexico City, and even on a few drives back to my hometown of Pittsburgh (hi mom!). The Hinomoto wheels are no joke; on a smooth floor it feels like the bag is floating alongside you. I do have to admit I was worried the extended dimensions (22.7” x 14.7” x 9.6”) might not fly, but pieces that you can feel confident about investing in, and the charger included in the company's carry-on offerings is a great introduction to the world of smart luggage. But beyond simply making luxury suitcases more accessible, Away has built a name for itself by making luggage — something decidedly unsexy — feel genuinely fun and fashionable.